Auram Block Press

Handling the Press 3000

The automatic opening of the Auram press 3000, combined with the sliding hopper assures a higher productivity than other presses. The theoretical daily output is 1,000 blocks but one can expect practically 850 blocks per day of plain blocks 240 or 290. The Auram press 3000, beside its versatility, presents the advantage to give more regular quality blocks than other presses worldwide. The mould is all the daylong fed with the same quantity of mix soil, due to the sliding hopper. The productivity is also increased by the fact that the sliding hopper does two operations: When it slides above the mould, it pushes the block which had been compressed earlier and then the soil mix falls in the mould when the lever is pulled back up.

The press requires a total number of 7 workers for the block production:

•    3 People for mixing: They measure first the various components and deliver the materials to the block yard. Then they mix first dry (minimum 2 times), add water and mix again minimum 2 times.
•    1 Operator who feed the press with the hand shovel (Scoop) into the hopper. Then he slides the hopper above the mould and pushes it back. Finally he closes the lid. He checks the quality of blocks with the pocket penetrometer and the block height gauge (delivered with the press). This checking is done only for the first block of every new mix. Time to time he has also to clean the corners of the mould and the plates with the scraper delivered with the press.
•    2 People on the lever for compressing the mix. They first pull down the lever till the end of compression. In one single action, they go ahead pressing down till the lid opens automatically with the chain system and then press further down to eject the block. Note that the press compresses with 15 tons force and it is usually not possible to press down the lever with a single man.
•    1 person for stacking the block for the initial curing. This stacking is done near the press. He covers regularly the blocks with a plastic sheet so as to avoid any evaporation of the moisture of the mix.

The Auram press 3000 is delivered with quality control devices:

•    A pocket penetrometer: to check the compression quality.
The press 3000 gives most of the time higher compression than other manual presses and when the press is well adjusted for a good soil, the pocket penetrometer would penetrate only 2-3 mm in the block instead of the tolerable penetration of 6 mm.
•    A block height gauge: to check the block height.
With the micro adjustment of the block height, the press 3000 can insure high accuracy of the height (~ 0.5 mm), which is essential for interlocking blocks or blocks which are used for arches, vaults and domes.

Note that the pocket penetrometer and the block height gauge are also indicators for the moisture content in the mix
Once the press has been adjusted properly according to the soil, any variation with the pocket penetrometer and/or the block height gauge will mean the following:
•    When the pocket penetrometer penetrates the block more than usual, the moisture content is higher than normal. Thus the moisture content of the mix has to be corrected for the next batches and the press should not be touched.
•    On the opposite side, when the pocket penetrometer penetrates less into the block, it means that the mix is too dry. The next batches of mix should be moister and the press should not be touched.
•    When the block height is more than usual, the moisture content is dryer than normal. Then add more water for the next mixes.
•    On the opposite side, when the block height is less than usual, it means that the mix is too wet. Add less water for the next mixes.


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