How to reach Earth Institute

  1. Reach Chennai (Madras is the old name of the city), by flight or train.
  2. Auroville is 150 Km south of Chennai and 8 Km north of Pondicherry.
  3. There are two possibilities for reaching Auroville:
    • By taxi is the simplest mean and it will take approximtately 3 hours to reach Auroville:
      • A taxi from Chennai airport will cost a minimum of Rs. 3,500-4000 and you will have to bargain. Taxi drivers from Chennai will not know the location of the Earth Institute and so it may take some time to find the Earth Institute. You should ask to be dropped at CSR, Auroshilpam at Auroville.
      • The taxis from Auroville are very reliable. Taxi drivers know our place and it will cost ~Rs. 3,200. Please use the on-line booking service Auroville Transport Service.
    • By bus is cheaper but more complicated and it will take approximately 4.5 hours:
      • Take a taxi or an auto rickshaw (3 wheeler) at Chennai up to Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (150 – 200 Rs.)
      • Take a bus for Pondicherry. Ask for a point-to-point bus going by the East Coast Road and disembark at the Main Bus Stand (~100 Rs.)
      • Take a taxi or an auto rickshaw from the bus stand to Auroville (200 – 250 Rs.) and ask to be dropped at CSR, Auroshilpam in Auroville.
  4. In case of any problem, you can phone to (0) 413 – 262 3064 / 262 3330
  5. Address: Auroville Earth Institute – Auroshilpam, CSR, Auroville 605 101 TN, India
  6. Note: 1 USD = ~ 83.43 Rs.; 1 Euro = ~ 88.85 Rs. (Value as of April 2024)


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