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Courses conducted by the Earth Institute aim to promote technologies of raw and stabilised earth for construction and other appropriate building systems. These online courses will give all the theory required on a subject and some courses include studio-style personal work.


(See also our On-campus Courses)

Enrolment periodDurationCourse name
1st- 27th JanuaryLongAVD Theory
29th Jan - 24th FebLongCSEB Design
26th Feb - 9th MarShortCSEB Theory
3rd Jun - 29th JunLongAVD Theory
8th July - 3rd AugLongCSEB Design
29th July - 10th AugShortCSEB Theory
7th - 31st OctoberLongAVD Theory
28th Oct - 30th NovLongCSEB Design
2nd Dec - 7th DecShortCSEB Theory

CSEB = Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks
AVD = Arches, Vaults and Domes

Short = 18 hrs over a max of 2 wks (self-paced)
Long = 30 hrs over a max of 4 wks (self-paced)

All lectures, discussions, and exercises will be conducted online in English.

Most materials can be completed according to each student’s pace within the time allowed for the course and optional live sessions will be scheduled in advance.

Note that the courses are very intensive and daily engagement with the materials is expected.

Course materials will be presented to enrolled students through AVEI’s online learning platform. Students will need to log in to this system and will then be able to access videos, reading materials, live question and answer sessions, and instructor-moderated discussion forums, as well as complete quizzes and turn in assignments. Students may start the course material on any date during the enrolment period and complete the course at their own speed, but must finish all lectures and assignments within the maximum duration of 2 weeks for the short course and 4 weeks for the long courses in order to receive a certificate.

Online courses cannot offer the full spectrum of experience that our campus-based courses provide, particularly in terms of detailed instructions during live demonstrations and the hands-on training of the practical exercises. We therefore encourage students to consider enrolling in the practical courses held on the Earth Institute campus as and when possible to complement their online learning experience.


Course typeContentTime commitmentEligibility
CSEB TheorySoil types, stabilisation, economics, soil selection and set up of production units. This is comparable to 3 days of theory from the on-campus CSEB Production.(1) 18 hours (lectures, quizzes, and discussions)All skill levels
CSEB DesignDesign of buildings with CSEB. This is comparable to the 6-day on-campus CSEB Design.30 hours (lectures, quizzes, exercises, and discussions)Architecture background & AutoCAD basics required
AVD TheoryStructural stability studies of arches, vaults and domes built with CSEB. This is comparable to the 6-day on-campus AVD Theory.30 hours (lectures, quizzes, exercises, and discussions)Minimum of knowledge in mathematics and geometry
Drawings can be done either by hand or with AutoCAD

(1)Students who take part in the online CSEB Theory course are eligible to take part in a two-day hands-on programme on CSEB production, to be scheduled in accordance with government guidelines. Please enquire for dates and enrolment costs.

If you have further questions, please contact us.


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