Technique Overview

Earth Filled In

Humid soil was traditionally poured into wooden lattice works. Thus, it gave some thermal mass to light structures as well as some acoustic insulation. In recent times, dry soil has been poured into synthetic textiles which are hold outside by wooden poles driven into the ground.

Dry soil is also being poured into long synthetic tubes, which are staked upon each other. Cal-Earth (The California Institute of Earth Art & Architecture) which was founded and headed by the architect Nader Khalili does an extensive use of filled in technique. They call it Superadobe construction and they are building what is called Eco-domes. Superadobe structures are an excellent example of green building techniques. They use Tubular roll of sandbag-type material which are filled with earth. A barbed wire is use to bind the earth tube together. Later on the earth tubes are plastered with stabilised earth plaster.


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