Heritage Conservation

Ghadames, Libya

Satprem Maïni, Director of the Auroville Earth Institute was invited in November 2008 by CRATerre-ENSAG to improve, restructure and optimise the mass production of adobe for the restoration of the centuries old town of Ghadames in Libya.

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Nako Temples

Auroville Earth Institute was requested to research alternative solutions with totally natural materials for the waterproofing of the Buddhist Nako Temple’s roofs and help the extension of the temple with CSEB, where villagers could go during the conservation activities in the historic temples.

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Bam, Iran

Satprem, as a member of CRATerre, and expert in earthen vaulted structures conducted an assessment of the damages caused by the earthquake to the vaulted structures of the historic citadel, Arg-e-Bam, of Bam and its surrounding area in May 2004.

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