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Learn from us through our regular On-Campus and Online Training Courses, collaborate with us for our expertise in building with earth with Consultancy and Technology Transfers, reach out to have us Design and Construct your projects with earth, organise visits to our campus for Awareness Programmes, reach out to us for Quality Control servies to test your soil and build with earth yourself or with us, and much more!

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Reseach at AVEI Laboratory

AVEI offers regular training programmes both in India and abroad.
Since the beginning of training activities in 1990, more than 11,000 people from 80 countries have been trained.

AVEI Heritage & Conservation

AVEI has undertaken multiple conservation projects to help protect traditional earthen structures.

AVEI Consultancy

AVEI offers consultancy services to disseminate the knowledge of building with earth. Collaborate with us for our expertise in building with earth and training thousands of people across the globe.

Quality Control

From testing to sourcing, AVEI has solutions to all your Earthy problems!

AVEI Resource Centre

AVEI Resource Center aims to collect information for building cities with appropriate and sustainable technologies.


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