Technique Overview

Modern Rammed Earth

Soil stabilization gave a great input to rammed earth as well as mechanization. The traditional wooden rammer has been replaced by pneumatic rammers. Heavy wooden formworks evolved into light composite ones, made of plywood, wood and steel or sometimes aluminium. Pneumatic rammers, dumpy loaders, mixers, ban conveyors, etc. allowed to build faster and get a better quality finish. Structures are most of the time built with pier walls, meaning that walls are built up to their full height at once. This way of building changed totally the design pattern of structures.

Australia and Western USA have seen the widest development. David Easton in California does wonderful works. More and more development happens also in Canada, and other countries of Europe such as UK with “Earth structure Europe” and Austria with Martin Rauch Since a few years stabilised rammed earth is being more and more used in Auroville, as well as in the rest of India.


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