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Aureka is the metal workshop located in Auroville that is manufacturing the Auram equipment.

The UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture, Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development” aims to accelerate, on a global level, the dissemination of scientific and technical know-how on earthen architecture in the areas of Environment & World Heritage and Environment & Human Settlements/Housing. Its member institutions are all across the globe.

CRATerre-EAG, the International Centre for Earth Construction, is a scientific organization within the National School of Architecture of Grenoble, (ENSAG), France. CRATerre-ENSAG is the world leader in earth architecture and construction.

The International Scientific Committee of Earthen Architectural Heritage has for its mission to contribute to the development of better practice and methods for the protection and conservation of the world’s earthen architectural, archaeological and cultural landscape heritage.


The purpose of the Adobe Alliance is to build low-cost energy efficient housing that is climatically and environmentally compatible and to fill widespread needs for sustainable, salubrious housing while enhancing the unique landscape of the Big Bend region of West Texas and other desert environments.

Adobe Is Not Software is a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to educating, enabling and advancing adobe construction in California.

Anne Lemarquis is an architect and artist specializing in the earthen medium. She works in Chile and this website is only in Spanish.

Amàco is a center of research and experimentation that sensitively and poetically promotes the most common of raw materials, such as sand, earth, water, wood, straw, etc. It has developed its own unique pedagogy that unites science with experience, through the collaborative efforts of researchers, academics, and construction professionals. This website is only in French.

The International Cultural Festival for the Promotion of Earthen Architecture is organized on an annual basis by the Algerian Ministry of Culture to build national awareness of the importance of building with earth. This website is only in French.

The Association Nationale des Professionnels de la Terre Crue (AsTerre) is a French association aiming to bring together and promote companies specializing in raw earth techniques, to transmit knowhow and develop raw earth training programs, and to implement professional guidelines for raw earth. This website is only in French.

Auroville is an international township in Southern India founded on the philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the pursuit of human unity. The Earth Institute is one of several organizations researching and promoting sustainable technologies and practices in the community.

Formed in 1988 on the CSR campus in Auroville, Auroville Design Consultants is headed by architect Suhasini Ayer. Suhasini and Satprem collaborated on the construction of the Auroville Visitor Center, a demonstration of appropriate building technologies including CSEB and renewable energies. Suhasini continues to use earth in her many projects.

Auroville Green Practices aims to bring together various stakeholders to envision future townships that offer a habitat that is ecologically, socially and economically nurturing. Distinguished professionals in the field share their vision and experiences in the form of plenary talks, participatory sessions and a panel discussion addressing the key question concerning sustainably integrated human habitats.

Basin South Asia Regional Knowledge Platform (Basin – SA) is committed to developing knowledge systems and promoting collaborative action within South Asia to enable access by the poor to sustainable habitat and livelihoods.

Biome Environmental Solutions is a Bangalore-based design firm focused on ecology, architecture and water. The office’s diverse team includes designers, architects, civil and mechanical engineers and urban planners from various parts of India and abroad.

The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) is an independent research and education institute. It was established in 1976 as a registered charity (Number 270987) with the objective of carrying out research into residential housing.

Cal-Earth is a non-profit foundation dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture. Its philosophy is based on the equilibrium of the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire, and their Unity at the service of the arts and humanity.

Cartoterra is a website for mapping examples of earthen architecture in the world, as well as the actors and activities that are promoting it. It is an initiative of the UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture.

Centro da Terra is a  Portuguese centre for earth construction, which aims to preserve the earthen heritage and promote a new form of earthen architecture.

Colorado Earth combines the expertise of Jim Hallock and Lisa Schroder to bring compressed earth blocks and adobe to the Colorado market. They also offer workshops, architectural and engineering services, and consultancy.

Dachverband Lehm is the German network of earth builders (English language version available here).

The National School of Architecture of Grenoble is at the forefront of earthen architecture academia today. The CRAterre laboratories are located there and it offers post-graduate degree programs in earthen architecture.

Dwell Earth is a USA based company providing education, training, and the best Earth Block production equipment and earthen construction technologies available in the world. Dwell Earth also specializes in appropriate design and project management by utilizing local resources to help transform lives and communities throughout the world.

The Earth Architecture website focuses on architecture constructed of raw earth and serves as a database for the discussion and dissemination of events, resources, and images of earth architecture in the context of contemporary architecture culture.

Earth Block International is a consulting and construction company based in the south-western United States dedicated to the promotion of Compressed Earth Block construction as a solution to global housing needs and environmental concerns.

EBUKI is a registered charity working to foster earth building in all its diversity through more research, more teaching and training, more standards, more assessment, more information, more networking, more built examples, and more experienced professionals.

Earth Structures Europe is committed to promoting the use of stabilised rammed earth in construction in Europe.

Earth USA is the biennial International Conference on Architecture and Construction with Earthen Materials initiated by Adobe in Action.

Earthitects is a Bangalore-based firm that specializes in natural living spaces for residences and resorts. Founder George Ramapuram Sr. has taken inspiration from his experiences working in Auroville to bring natural materials, including earth, to his creations.

ECOMOBILIA is a Honduran company dedicated to the design and construction of ecological houses using the oldest and more economic forms of construction: earth blocks; made by combining soil, high-pressure hydraulic and a soil stabilizer.

The European Education Center for Building with Clay is an initiative to bring together experts in earthen construction from Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Great Britain and Poland. This website is only in German.

Hassan Fathy was a great Egyptian architect, who promoted again earth architecture and vernacular designs in the twentieth century.

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was founded in 1984 in New Delhi with the vision to spearhead heritage awareness and conservation in India. Today INTACH is recognized as one of the world’s largest heritage organizations, with over 190 Chapters across the Country. In the past 31 years INTACH has pioneered the conservation and preservation of not just our natural and built heritage but intangible heritage as well.

Johan Després is a young independent artisan specializing in building and restoring raw earth buildings. This website is only in French.

Swiss network of earth construction and builders

LSSA is an architecture and construction service, setting the design and build standards that make poured earth technology available for developed and developing countries.

Made In Earth is an architecture studio and construction practice based in Bangalore and Mysore, India, founded by two AVEI alumni, Ar. Shruthi Ramakrishna and Jérémie Gaudin along with Ar. Agnimitra Bachi. They approaches design as a dialogue between natural materials. With a taste for experimentation and innovation, the firm focuses on modern expressions that are both elemental and eco-friendly. 

The Masonry Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology brings together faculty, students, and alumni in innovative research into masonry structures.

Masons Ink is a design studio in Bangalore that specializes in earthen architecture, founded by former Earth Institute architects Rosie Paul and Sridevi Changali. In addition to architectural and interior design, they are involved with architecture students and the community expanding awareness in heritage conservation and sustainable materials.

Mediterre is the Réseau des Professionels de la Terre Crue en Méditerrannée, which brings together construction professionals specializing in earthen construction from all around the Mediterranean region.

Nandadeep Designers and Valuers was established by Er. N. R. Varma in 1984, as a proprietary firm for providing technical services in the field of Architectural and structural consultancy. The firm has designed hundreds of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings, including the Global Pagoda with its 85.15 m dome.

The National Centre for Safety of Heritage Structures (NCSHS) was established at IIT Madras under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (Government of India) in July, 2013. NCSHS is envisioned as a long-term program towards addressing the national grand challenge of ensuring structural safety of historical monuments and other heritage structures in India with resource persons from India and abroad.

New Mexico Earth Works is a firm specializing in adobe, rammed earth, and compressed earth construction throughout the American South West.

David Easton is the founder of Rammed Earth Works, a firm dedicated to the promotion of rammed earth in the USA.

Proterra is a network uniting Portugal, Spain, and Latin America that encourages the use of earth as a building material through publications, training courses, demonstration building projects, and other events. Their website is in Spanish and Portuguese.

The Rural Housing Knowledge Network is an initiative of the Government of India to provide an information portal about building design and technologies that are cost efficient and suitable to the rural setting.

Earth walls for the 21st century! SIREwall provides support, systems and training for those who wish to build with stabilized, insulated rammed earth. SIREwall Inc. is based in Salt Spring Island, Canada.

Solène Delahousse is a lime expert specializing in thin plasters, stucco, tadelakt, fresco, sgraffito, etc. She is both a practitioner and a trainer in these techniques. This website is only in French.

Strawbuild is a non- profit organisation that provides natural building and training services throughout Europe, with the aim to create quality spaces that won’t cost the earth.

The Sustainable Livelihood Institute is an initiative by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Institute conceptualizes, designs, organizes and delivers programs for skill, knowledge and perspective building on sustainable livelihoods to the officials of the Rural Development Department as well as leaders of the rural communities.

Sylvie Wheeler is an earth specialist who creates interior finishes—walls, floors, etc.—with earthen plasters, adobe bricks, and tadelakt. This website is only in French.

The international congress Terra 2016 was the twelfth in a series of international events organized since 1972, bringing together academics, professionals and experts, and a broad audience gathering around earthen architecture. This edition was unique because the questions of cultural heritage and conservation and sustainable development were considered with equal importance. The city of Lyon also hosted events outside the conference viewable here.

The purpose of the international TERRA Award for outstanding examples of contemporary earthen architecture is not only to identify and distinguish outstanding projects, but also to highlight the audacity of the project owners for choosing to use earth, the creativity of the designers and the skills of the craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Terra Korea is a research laboratory and institute of earthen architecture based out of the Mokpo National University. It has also developed the School of UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture in Korea, which offers training for self-builders in the techniques of earthen architecture.

The Earthbuilders’ Guild (TEG) is an organization dedicated to the betterment & advancement of earthen construction of homes and commercial buildings by preserving and promoting the age old building methods of adobe, rammed earth and compressed earth block construction.

TierraTEC is a company which produces and commercializes compressed stabilised earth blocks. The company also sells ready-made stabilised earth mortar and paints. TierraTEC sets up production units on site so as to reduce costs and to propose more ecological projects, sensitive to the environment and climate change.

Uni-terra is a networking platform for the global exchange of information, experience and know-how in earth architecture and building with earth at an academic level. Its aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer and to support the development of expertise in the field and its long-term availability for future generations.

Wallmakers was started by Ar. Vinu Daniel, an alumni of AVEI. At Wallmakers, the aim is to build sustainable spaces that are responsive to specific site contexts and conditions, while maintaining a balance between innovative, utilitarian designs. 

The NGO “La Voute Nubienne” has developed a simplified and standardised version of the ancient Nubian vault technique for building earthen houses and various buildings in rural areas of Burkina Faso and neighbouring countries. Their training and construction programme “Earth roofs in the Sahel” shows an exponential growth since 2000.


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