CSEB Masonry

The CSEB Masonry course is a practical, hands-on training course for masonry with Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB) and other stabilised earth techniques which have been developed and mastered by the Earth Institute. This course is often taken in tandem with the CSEB Production course.


All skill levels are welcome (e.g. engineers, architects, technicians, supervisors, masons, students and laymen).


Six day course; Classes from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Course content:

The week is predominantly hands-on, with demonstrations and student work on the following topics:
– Stabilised earth technologies
– Tests for mortar – Mortar quality
– Bond patterns for walls
– Stabilised poured earth foundations
– Building a basement
– Building a plinth beam with U-blocks
– Casting a RCC plinth beam in U-blocks
– Steel preparation for lintels and columns
– Pre-casting various composite lintels
– Building two composite columns of 24 cm diameter
– Building two composite columns of 29 cm diameter
– Ramming stabilised rammed earth walls and building a CSEB wall
– Building a CSEB wall and stabilised earth plaster
– Building arches
– Building a free spanning vault & dome
– Evaluation of mortar test samples


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