Public Buildings

Pitanga Hall, a cultural centre, has been the first public building being built, beginning of 1989. Shortly after that the Visitors Centre was started from end 1989 till 1992. This building shown that earth as a building material could give comfortable, appropriate and economical buildings. Later on were successively built these public buildings:
Auroville Earth institute (1989 to 2008), Isaiambalam School (1990), Udavi School (1991 to 1993), Shakti Vihar School at Pondicherry (1992 to 1994), Kindergarten at Auroville (1993), Deepanam School (Ex Mirramukhi: 1994 to 1996), Solar Kitchen (1996- to 1997), Multipurpose Centre at Vérité Community (1999 & 2000), Integral Learning Centre at Vérité Community (2005).


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