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Kathmandu, August 2009

Satprem Maïni, Director of the Auroville Earth Institute, was invited to Nepal at Kathmandu from the 6th to the 16th of August 2009 to conduct a training course on the production of CSEB for engineers of the Department of Education and the Institute of Technology. This project was a follow up of the school built the year before in 20 days at Jantanagar, Nepal, and it was done in the framework of the project by the Department of Education to build 50,000 classrooms in the next 5 years. The Department of Education appreciated this training very much and they want to explore the possibility of using this material and technique for building these classrooms wherever possible.


The training course, which was conducted in the premises of the Institute of Engineering, was financed by Danida, the Danish Action Aid in collaboration with MS Nepal. Mr. Sonam Wangchuck, who works for MS Nepal, was a great help for the success of the programme. We would like to thank Mr. Shambhu Prasad Uprety, Deputy Director (Senior Divisional Engineer) of the Department of Education, Ar. Mahesh Shrestha, Head of the Department of Architecture and Planning of the Institute of Engineering and Dr. Jishnu Subedi from the Institute of Engineering as well.

Satprem will go to Kathmandu again in the end of October 2009 to train local masons and engineers from the Department of Education and the Institute of Engineering, and build the prototype school in the campus of the Institute of Engineering.

More photos of this workshop can be seen at Kathmandu August 2009


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