Bucket Pointed Vault

Bucket pointed vault, half dome and segmental vault

This room has been built above the present office of the Auroville Earth Institute and is the bedroom of Satprem Maïni, director of the Auroville Earth Institute.

Bucket pointed vault, as the bedroom for the house of Satprem Maïni
Bedroom with a half bucket pointed dome

This vault combines the difficult stability of a pointed arch and bucket one. The stability requirements between a vault and a dome for this kind of shape are different: The vault requires a bottom thickness of 36.5 cm, which decreases till 11.5 cm at the top, and it needs a keystone of a specific weight. But the dome can be started with only 29 cm thickness, which reduces progressively till 7 cm at the apex, and it does not need any keystone.

This arch shape has been used for doing apses of a rectangular room, which has been covered with a segmental vault.

The segmental vault was built with vertical courses. The bucket pointed vault and dome presents these features:
•    2.42 m span, 2.42 m rise, 1.65 m long, 29 to 7 cm thick for the dome and 36.5 to 11.5 cm thick for the vault.
•    They have been built free spanning with horizontal courses


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